How to reduce your homeowners insurance costs

Ask your friends and neighbours, your colleagues at work. Shop around on the internet and check with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners for complaint information. You are looking for the best value of good coverage against the usual perils at a price you can afford. The value of your contents is also a key consideration. As you use furniture, its value reduces but it may cost more to replace as prices rise in the stores. Look at the terms of cover and review the value of the contents you insure every year.

Remember the following:

  • you are insuring for the cost of repairing or rebuilding your property which is usually less than the sale value;
  • checking out the wiring and plumbing reduces the risk of fire and leakage;
  • you will get discounts both if you have taken action to reduce the risk of damage from storms or flooding, and if you have improved security to deter burglars;
  • the higher the deductibles you agree to carry, the lower the premium is likely to be; and
  • most companies offer loyalty discounts to stay with them and prefer customers with good credit scores.

You also should know about free life insurance quotes.

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